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Various Tips to Split Large PST File

12 Feb

Despite the popularity of MS Outlook for sending/receiving emails, maintaining contacts, notes, etc, people are unaware of the fact that their entire Outlook data is saved on a single PST (Personal Storage Table) file. PST file is a personal storage folder file of Outlook saved on the local hard drive of your computer for storing various Outlook data. Since, with time, you store so much Outlook data on a single PST file that it becomes heavier and starts working improperly. Improper working of Outlook is not only frustrating, but if not rectified on time can create devastating situations of PST corruption. Therefore, there are some tips by which you can trim the size of your PST file, and one of the best tips out of them is, to split PST file into comparatively smaller PSTs. Continue reading


Tips to Improve the Performance of MS Outlook Through PST File Splitter

19 Jul
split large pst file

Split Large PST File

Most of us use MS Outlook on regular basis but very few may know that Outlook PST files have size limit. MS Outlook 2002 and older versions have size limit of 2GB while Outlook 2003 and later have minimum size limit 20GB. Reaching closer to these prescribed limits of Outlook versions, it starts decreasing its performance. That means Outlook takes more than usual time in performing its basic operations, such as reading an existing email, sending or receiving email, accessing a contact, etc. Continue reading