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Discussing Repair Mechanism of ‘ScanPST’ and Issues causing Data Loss in MS Outlook

25 Jan

PST corruption is kind of a challenge for those whose mailboxes are always found bloating with messages. Oversizing of Outlook data files had a raised a few concerns in the past. With the support for UNICODE formatted PSTs in MS Outlook 2003, the problem seems to have disappeared permanently. However, there are other issues that may cause damage to your personal folders file, including disgraceful system shutdowns, abrupt termination of Outlook, application errors, and the like. To correct errors in Outlook PST, Microsoft has provided users with an inbuilt utility ‘Scanpst.exe’ orĀ  Inbox Repair tool. Continue reading


Tips to Fix or Repair Damaged PST File in Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000

6 Jan

In today’s fast paced world, it is quite risky to lose anything important. Let’s talk about MS-Outlook, it uses the PST files to store important data. Important data can be your e-mails, contacts, attachments, appointments, To-do, calendar-entries etc. Therefore, it is quite tough to handle PST file related problems. In most of the cases, PST file gets corrupt and puts you in difficult situations. Corruption occurs due to many reasons that are discussed below. MS-Outlook provides an inbuilt Inbox Repair tool (also known as SCANPST tool) that resolves PST corruption problems. But, sometimes it fails to resolve problem and you become little-bit frustrated. However, to overcome such type of unavoidable cases you need to opt for a third party Outlook PST Repair tool that repairs corrupt Outlook PST files. Continue reading