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Tips to Permanently Fix the Outlook OST File

18 Oct

One of the best utilities of MS Outlook which make it an excellent email client is its support for working offline. What make your Outlook mailbox and various Outlook items available even you are offline are OST files. OST stands for Offline Storage Table files. These files are stored on your computer in a different folder and are available even when the network is down or you are not connected to the server or you are offline. Thus, you can make all the changes which you want even when you are offline on your OST files and these changes will be synchronized when Outlook gets connected with the server. Continue reading


Tips to Fix Synchronization Issue in Outlook Offline (OST) File

19 Jul

Most of the organizations use Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook for effective communication environment. MS- Exchange Server is responsible for storing all the e-mails and other mailbox data on it. Creation of a unique profile is done for every user that can be accessed with Microsoft Outlook client. For every profile, an automatic creation of OST files on the user’s local system is done. OST file contains exactly the same data as of user’s mailbox on the Exchange Server. OST file provides an option to work even in offline mode. It gets synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server, once the Internet connection is made. Continue reading