Tips to Recover Corrupt Outlook PST File

30 Sep

An Outlook PST file is prone to corruption due to many reasons, such as oversize of PST file, sudden system shutdown, abrupt exit from Outlook, and other hardware and software issues. Since the corruption of PST file halts the entire working of Outlook, thus at this situation opting for reliable methods to rectify the issue and recover Outlook data becomes an essential task. These methods may range from inbuilt PST repair tool, changing some Outlook settings, to, repair Outlook data file (.pst file) by using a third-party PST recovery tool. Some of the most efficient tips to recover corrupt or inaccessible Outlook PST file are: Continue reading


Tips to Fix “Errors have been detected in the File Outlook.ost” Error of Outlook OST File

29 Sep

Almost all Outlook users have heard about Outlook OST (Offline Storage Table) files and most of them must have used them also. OST files basically enable Outlook users to work offline. The changes, which an Outlook user makes while he/she is offline are stored in his/her OST file and are synchronized with MS Outlook when connected to the Exchange Server. However, there are times when OST file gets corrupt and starts rendering error message, when it tries to sync changes to the Exchange Server. Though Microsoft Outlook has inbuilt utility named Inbox Repair tool (scnost.exe) to repair corruption in OST file. However, if the corruption is severe then this utility too becomes unable to do the needful. In that case using third-party OST to PST converter tool is advisable. Continue reading

Tips to Split Large Outlook PST Files and Avoid Corruption

2 Sep

Microsoft Outlook has provided Windows users an easy means to send/receive emails and many other mail operations, including creation of calendar entries, tasks, events etc. The Outlook application stores your emails as well as other mail items inside a special kind of file – PST file (.pst). With every single operation in your Outlook mailbox, the sizes of the PST file increases. When the PST size goes beyond the maximum size limit, it gets corrupt resulting in the complete inaccessibility of all your precious mail items in it. In order to avoid such instances of PST corruption and mailbox inaccessibility, these days, there are many PST file  splitter utilities available in the market. These utilities split the large sized PST files and thus help in avoiding corruption. Continue reading

Tips to Recover MS Exchange 2007 Server Mailbox to an Existing Mailbox

18 Aug

Corruption in the MS Exchange Server database and recovery of mailboxes are some of the biggest challenges that the Exchange administrators usually face. One of the common tasks that an administrator usually gets when an employee has already left the organization and the manager wants some part of his mailbox restored into his Exchange mailbox. Though there are some really powerful Exchange Server recovery software available, in less complex situations the administrators can still prove their credibility by recovering mailboxes using Microsoft supported tools (Exmerge.exe). However, here one important thing to note is that these tools must not be confused as full fledged Exchange Recovery utilities and are better considered as trouble shooting tools. Continue reading

Tips to Fix “The file xxxx.pst could not be found” Error in Outlook PST File

17 Aug

For smooth email communication, various organizations use an efficient email client like MS Outlook. MS Outlook is most popular email client that enables effective communication over the network. Moreover, Outlook stores complete mailbox data of a user on user’s local system in .PST (Personal Storage Table) file. Outlook PST files are responsible for uninterrupted communication via Outlook and thus it is a must to safeguard this precious file. However, despite taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of Outlook PST file, at times they get corrupt. Continue reading

Tips to Rectify Issues when Scanpst.exe tool Fails to Fix Corrupt PST File

13 Aug

The reason for the popularity of MS Outlook is its various advance features. Some of the most useful features of this largely used email client are: feature to create contact list or address book, option to maintain calendars, notes, tasks, journals, etc. Moreover, to rectify issues related to PST file corruption or Outlook crash, it enables you to perform data recovery through its Inbox Repair tool. This Inbox Repair tool is known as scanpst.exe, which fixes issues caused due to PST file corruption. However, there are times, when your PST file gets severely corrupt and even the Inbox Repair tool too fails to do the needful. At such situation, you are left with nothing but to opt for an efficient third-party PST recovery software. Various reasons are responsible for corruption of PST file. These reasons may range from abrupt system shut down while PST file is syncing changes, virus infection, closing Outlook improperly, to oversize of PST file. Continue reading