Various Tips to Split Large PST File

12 Feb

Despite the popularity of MS Outlook for sending/receiving emails, maintaining contacts, notes, etc, people are unaware of the fact that their entire Outlook data is saved on a single PST (Personal Storage Table) file. PST file is a personal storage folder file of Outlook saved on the local hard drive of your computer for storing various Outlook data. Since, with time, you store so much Outlook data on a single PST file that it becomes heavier and starts working improperly. Improper working of Outlook is not only frustrating, but if not rectified on time can create devastating situations of PST corruption. Therefore, there are some tips by which you can trim the size of your PST file, and one of the best tips out of them is, to split PST file into comparatively smaller PSTs.

Mentioned below are some really helpful tips by which you can reduce the size of your Outlook PST file and thus can make your Outlook faster:

  • Clean Deleted Items Folder: Mostly the ‘Deleted Items’ folder of your Outlook contains unnecessary data, therefore, emptying it completely can reduce the size of the PST file.
  • Delete Unwanted Emails from Inbox and Sent Items Folders: Most of us keep even unneeded emails in our inbox and sent items folders and thus the size of our PST file increases gradually. Therefore, in order to make your PST small, it is recommended to remove all unnecessary emails from these two folders.
  • Delete Other Large Folders: Sometimes other Outlook folders like Junk Email folder contains unwanted emails. Therefore, cleaning these large folders with unneeded emails is advisable. Moreover, at times, emails with large attachments eat up unnecessary space and thus hamper the performance of your Outlook. It is recommended to delete these emails with heavy attachments after taking their backups.
  • Compact PST File: MS Outlook provides an inbuilt utility to shrink the size of the PST file. To compact your large PST file in Outlook, first of all make sure you are using Folder view, then follow these steps:
    • Right click on Personal Folder
    • Check Properties for the Personal Folder
    • Go to Advance button
    • And then select Compact Now

One such software is PST File Splitter. The software has very intuitive user interface and thus enables you to split a large PST file into smaller and more manageable PSTs. The tool provides various splitting criteria like split PST by Date, Mail ID, Size, Folder, etc. One of the biggest advantages of using this tool is it performs splitting operation on newly created PST file instead of original PST, which means your original PST file remains intact. This efficient tool also generates a log report of complete splitting operation and is designed for MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.


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