Tips to Split Large Outlook PST Files and Avoid Corruption

2 Sep

Microsoft Outlook has provided Windows users an easy means to send/receive emails and many other mail operations, including creation of calendar entries, tasks, events etc. The Outlook application stores your emails as well as other mail items inside a special kind of file – PST file (.pst). With every single operation in your Outlook mailbox, the sizes of the PST file increases. When the PST size goes beyond the maximum size limit, it gets corrupt resulting in the complete inaccessibility of all your precious mail items in it. In order to avoid such instances of PST corruption and mailbox inaccessibility, these days, there are many PST file  splitter utilities available in the market. These utilities split the large sized PST files and thus help in avoiding corruption.

There are many Outlook users, whose nature of jobs requires them to send and receive hundreds of new mails every day. These hundreds of mails simply signify that the PST files of their Outlook applications are going to increase beyond the maximum permissible size limit very soon. Apart from this, in case of MS Outlook 2000 or 2002, the maximum limit for PST files is only 2 GB, which can be attained by mailboxes very easily.

One possible way to avoid the PST file growing beyond the permissible size limit is to remove unnecessary and large attachments from mails. You can also extract mails and unnecessary attachments into some local folder, which will help decreasing the overall PST size. Following are the steps to find the mails with large attachments in your Outlook mailbox, which can help you removing them:

  • In your MS Outlook 2002 go inside ‘Tools’ menu.
  • Click the ‘Advanced Find’ option.
  • Select ‘Messages from ‘Look for’ list.
  • Click the ‘More Choices’ tab.
  • Choose the option ‘Greater than’ from the ‘Size (Kilobytes) list. Type in 500 in the box under ‘Size (Kilobytes).
  • Click ‘Find Now’ and all the mails with attachments of the size 500 KB and above will get listed.

The above process is very much helpful in locating mails with large sized attachments and removing them. However, many users still need to access those mails at some later time. Hence, PST file splitter utilities are more effective in avoiding PST corruption. Most importantly, these utilities are completely safe on your precious mails and do not modify their original format after splitting. Also, the utilities are easy to use, without any technical assistance.


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