Tips to Fix “The file xxxx.pst could not be found” Error in Outlook PST File

17 Aug

For smooth email communication, various organizations use an efficient email client like MS Outlook. MS Outlook is most popular email client that enables effective communication over the network. Moreover, Outlook stores complete mailbox data of a user on user’s local system in .PST (Personal Storage Table) file. Outlook PST files are responsible for uninterrupted communication via Outlook and thus it is a must to safeguard this precious file. However, despite taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of Outlook PST file, at times they get corrupt.

Generally, the corruption of Outlook PST file renders an error message that prevents access to the PST file. Though MS Outlook has inbuilt utility named scanpst.exe to repair the corruption of the PST file, but sometimes this utility too fails to do any needful. At such situation, to recover your crucial Outlook data and get back the accessibility of your mailbox, it is recommended to use third-party PST recovery software.

Suppose, while trying to access your Outlook PST file, you encounter the following error message:

Outlook "the file xxxx.pst could not be found" error

“The file xxxx.pst could not be found”

Various reasons are responsible for this error message. Let us discuss some of the very prominent ones:

  • Over sized Outlook PST file.
  • Sudden power outage when trying to access Outlook PST file.
  • Virus infection
  • Abrupt system shutdown and abnormal closing of Outlook.
  • Sometimes the bad sectors on the hard drive of computer also cause corruption in the PST file.

Sometimes the inbuilt Inbox Repair tool of Outlook i.e. scanpst.exe solves this issue. So, you can try scanpst.exe to repair the corruption of your Outlook PST file. However, if scanpst.exe fails to do any needful, then using third-party PST recovery software is recommended. An efficient tool for this category repairs corrupt Outlook PST file despite any reason of corruption.

One such software is PST Recovery Software. This tool has very intuitive user interface, simple repairing steps, moreover repairs severely corrupt Outlook PST files. This software restores various Outlook objects and enables selective recovery of Outlook folders. With all these features, this tool lets you recover your deleted emails and allows searching of emails from the list of recoverable items. In addition, this software recovers your emails and other Outlook objects from password protected PST file and repairs PST files larger than 2GB. With the detailed preview of recoverable items, you can see Outlook items before recovering them actually.

To analyze this tool, you can download its free demo version. Through the demo version, you can evaluate all the features and functionalities of this software. However, the demo only provides the preview of all recoverable email items and for their actual recovery you need to purchase the product.


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