Tips to Rectify Issues when Scanpst.exe tool Fails to Fix Corrupt PST File

13 Aug

The reason for the popularity of MS Outlook is its various advance features. Some of the most useful features of this largely used email client are: feature to create contact list or address book, option to maintain calendars, notes, tasks, journals, etc. Moreover, to rectify issues related to PST file corruption or Outlook crash, it enables you to perform data recovery through its Inbox Repair tool. This Inbox Repair tool is known as scanpst.exe, which fixes issues caused due to PST file corruption. However, there are times, when your PST file gets severely corrupt and even the Inbox Repair tool too fails to do the needful. At such situation, you are left with nothing but to opt for an efficient third-party PST recovery software. Various reasons are responsible for corruption of PST file. These reasons may range from abrupt system shut down while PST file is syncing changes, virus infection, closing Outlook improperly, to oversize of PST file.

Since, Outlook PST files have predefined size limit, which entirely depends upon the Outlook version you are using. Such as, Outlook 2002 and earlier versions have 2 GB size limit where as Outlook 2003 and later have PST file size limit up to 20 GB. If, you PST file crosses or reaches to this defined size limit then it gets corrupt. Therefore, out of these aforementioned causes, one of the most prominent causes of PST file corruption is its oversize. Oversized PST often gets corrupt and renders errors for the same. However, sometimes the situation becomes so worst that even scanpst.exe too fails to solve the problem. Let us understand this situation with a practical example.

Suppose, you are using MS Outlook 2002 and your PST file has reached to its maximum limit that is 2GB. At such situation, when you open it, you get an error message, saying:

“Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use”

At such situation, when you try to fix it through Inbox Repair (scnpst.exe) tool, you get an error message and that too on the half way of this recovery process. This error message is:

“An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file.”

Therefore, in this way, the scnapst.exe too stops in half way without repairing your precious PST file. To overcome such issue, you are required to use third-party PST recovery software. One such tool is PST Recovery software. The software uses efficient scanning algorithm to scans and repair PST files irrespective to the kind of PST file corruption. Additionally, with repairing your corrupt PST file, the software recovers its various objects.


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