Tips to Improve the Performance of MS Outlook Through PST File Splitter

19 Jul
split large pst file

Split Large PST File

Most of us use MS Outlook on regular basis but very few may know that Outlook PST files have size limit. MS Outlook 2002 and older versions have size limit of 2GB while Outlook 2003 and later have minimum size limit 20GB. Reaching closer to these prescribed limits of Outlook versions, it starts decreasing its performance. That means Outlook takes more than usual time in performing its basic operations, such as reading an existing email, sending or receiving email, accessing a contact, etc. Therefore, the best way recommended so far for avoiding the sluggish behavior of Outlook is splitting a larger PST file into smaller ones with the help of third-party PST file splitter software.

However, if you know that one of the major factors for slow performance of Outlook is large size of PST file then you may think that instead of splitting, why not delete all unnecessary emails from Outlook mailbox and thus, decrease the size of my PST file. However, this is one of the ways but doing so does not make any significant changes in the size of PST file as deletion of emails and other Outlook data makes free room for new data to be saved. Therefore, deletion does not decrease the size of the PST file and splitting the PST file remains the only way for avoiding slow performance of Outlook.

Let us take a practical example of June who is software professional and uses MS Outlook 2002 in her Windows XP based laptop. Using Outlook for over a period, she started facing slow performance. Another day the situation became worse. Then frustratingly, she started searching over the internet for the reason of this behavior of her precious email client. During her search, she got to know that the prominent reason for the same is large size of PST file. She checked the size of the PST file and found that it was reaching to the prescribed limit of 2 GB. To minimize the size of the PST file, she deleted some unused Outlook items and then further checked the PST file size but didn’t find any significant changes in its size.

Since, during her search she also came to know that one of the easiest ways to minimize the size of PST file is to split PST file into smaller parts and to do this, we need to have third-party software. Searching for an efficient PST splitter, she came to know about a PST File Splitter software. The software has very intuitive user interface and simple splitting procedure by which even a non-technical user too can split his/her large PST file. One of the best features of this software is, it performs the splitting operation on newly created PST file and the original PST remains intact.

So, she used this tool, split her large PST file into smaller PSTs, and thus got the performance of her Outlook back!!!


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