Tips to Fix Synchronization Issue in Outlook Offline (OST) File

19 Jul

Most of the organizations use Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook for effective communication environment. MS- Exchange Server is responsible for storing all the e-mails and other mailbox data on it. Creation of a unique profile is done for every user that can be accessed with Microsoft Outlook client. For every profile, an automatic creation of OST files on the user’s local system is done. OST file contains exactly the same data as of user’s mailbox on the Exchange Server. OST file provides an option to work even in offline mode. It gets synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server, once the Internet connection is made. So, that the changes done in an Outlook OST file gets reflected in one another. Most of the times, synchronization between OST file and MS-Exchange Server cannot be done properly. In such critical time, an effective OST to PST conversion can be made easily through third party tool.

Discusses here is a case that has happened with me few days back. One day, I was trying to open folders in the offline folder (OST) file; I was successful to open it. But, fail to synchronize folders of the OST file with Microsoft Exchange Server. Additionally, various error messages that recognize non-synchronization was found in the synchronization log in the Deleted Items folder.

The most prominent cause for the occurrence of above error message came out to be the corruption of Outlook OST file. In other words, presence of one or more corrupt e-mail messages in the Outlook OST file and they cannot be solved by applying the synchronization process.

When searched on Internet for this problem, I came to know that for solving the above problematic situation, it is good to remove the erroneous messages so that the problem gets easily solved. Moreover, Microsoft itself provides an inbuilt OST integrity check tool to solve errors related to synchronization. The tool scans the offline folder file on the local computer and the folder file on MS-Exchange Server based computer and performs comparison between the items and folders in each file. If any differences between the files get found, then try to correct them. This tool is a best option to handle problems related to synchronization errors.

I also came to know about third party tools that convert OST to PST quite easily and within a small period of time. One of the tools named as OST to PST Converter proves as one of the best tool. The tool is specially designed to convert the unusable Outlook OST file into a usable PST file. After conversion, data of all the Outlook OST objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, tasks, journal, events, etc become totally accessible. The OST file repair tool provides you an option of advance scan if in case OST objects cannot get recovered through normal scan. Built with simple graphical user interface, the tool is easy to operate.


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