An Easy Solution For Severely Damaged/Corrupt Outlook PST file

17 Jul

repair-corrupt-pstHex-editor is also known as byte editor that permits a Microsoft Outlook user to perform alteration in the binary Outlook PST files. The program also permits the user to edit the raw and actual contents of an Outlook PST file. Mostly, the tool is used by experts. Along with advantage, the application has disadvantage as well. Any changes through Hex editor in Outlook PST file results in the complete corruption of a PST file. As soon as, the file gets corrupt or damaged. Whole data of an Outlook PST file becomes inaccessible or of no use. For restoration of all the data, an updated backup is the single most source. In case of unavailable backup, an inbuilt Inbox repair utility is also another option. But, due to some limitation, this tool also fails to repair an Outlook PST file. So, in order to repair badly corrupt PST file, it is good to opt for some third party PST Recovery software.

Discussed here is an overall procedure through which an Outlook PST file can be made corrupt or damaged. Steps to be followed for making an Outlook PST file as corrupt or damaged are as follows:

  1. Open an Outlook PST file in Hex-editor.
  2. After opening the file, try to remove some positions through the space bar. Once the characters get deleted, hex editor starts showing ‘code 20’ in their position.
  3. Then, save the file and close the hex-editor.

After doing all the above steps, when a try is made to access an Outlook PST file, file does not open. Every try to access an Outlook PST file fails.


The fundamental cause liable for not opening of an Outlook PST file is a corruption of an Outlook PST file. Corruption in Outlook PST file occurs due to wrong changes done in its binary code.


In order to sort out the issue of Outlook PST file corruption, and to access the data saved in the PST file. It becomes compulsory to first repair the corrupt Outlook PST file. As said earlier, that a repair of an Outlook PST file can be done with the help of an inbuilt utility named as ‘Inbox repair’ tool. But, cases like severely corrupt PST file cannot be handled through inbuilt utility. So, for similar kind of cases when an inbuilt utility fails to repair the corrupt Outlook PST file, it is good to replace an inbuilt utility with a third party tool.

Ample of software are available in the market that are fully capable to carry out the process of PST file recovery easily and within a small amount of period. A facility of a free demo version has been provided with almost all the software. Through demo version, an overall idea about the tool and its features can be easily concluded. It is advisable to first choose a demo version of the software before going to purchase for a full version. Demo version is of free of cost and full version has some cost. There is also one another reason behind it, because most of the times some fake commitments are also made for the promotion of the product.

One of the recommended tool is Outlook PST Recovery. It’s hassle free features make the tool something different from other ones. It repairs and perform recovery of Outlook objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, tasks, journal, calendar-entries, etc.


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