Tips to Solve Outlook Error “Unable to display the folder,[path]Outlook.pst could not be accessed, access denied”?

5 Jul
Unable to display the folder

Unable to display the folder..

From time to time, Outlook messaging application starts showing abrupt behavior. Such abrupt behavior makes you unable to perform simple e-mail operations. Interruption while using Outlook can lead to various hectic problems. Outlook shows such kind of behavior due to corruption of PST file. PST file corruption may occur due to lot of reasons. Still, there is no need to get worry. It is possible to carry out the successful recovery of Outlook PST file. A lot of tools are available in the market that is fully capable to perform Outlook PST Recovery in a simple and easy manner.

Discussed here is a situation that I have faced a few days back; I was trying to open Microsoft Outlook 2000. But, I fail to open it. The bad news is that the application throws an error message that appears to be like this:

Unable to display the folder,[path]Outlook.pst could not be accessed, access denied.”

This error message has brought a huge data loss situation along with it. This error message has made me annoyed as it does not permit me to perform Outlook e-mail operations.

After research on this topic, I found that reason responsible for the occurrence of above error message is the errors contained in the Outlook.pst file.

I tried to fix the above issue through execution of Scanpst.exe that is also known as Inbox Repair tool in order to repair the corrupt PST file. I have followed the same steps exactly in a same manner as mentioned below:

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook and log off, and then make an attempt to repair the corrupt Outlook PST file by executing Scanpst.exe.
  2. Even, after the execution of Scanpst.exe tool, I was not able to open the Outlook file. Then, I have used the below steps so that I can open the Outlook PST file:
  • On the hard disk, I have executed Scandisk.exe or other disk utility to ensure about the integrity of hard disk.
  • Be sure that the behavior is not specific to the computer system or to the location of folder on the hard disk; transfer the Outlook PST file to some other location on the hard disk.
  • Perform creation of a new Microsoft Outlook profile.
  • Addition of relocated Outlook PST files to the new profile.
  • At last, tried to start Microsoft Outlook.

Still, even after performing all the above steps, I was still unable to open Outlook PST file. I was quite upset because my number of attempts to solve the above error message remains unsuccessful. At last, I have tried to make use of an effective third party PST Recovery tool to carry out the process of repair smoothly. These Outlook PST repair tools employ effective scanning algorithms to repair corrupt Outlook PST file and recovery of Outlook objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, tasks, journal, e-mails, and calendar-entries.


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