Have you lost Outlook data after Outlook PST file corruption?

29 Jun

outlook pst fileA PST file is the most valuable file format used by Microsoft Outlook application for its storage of users data. Outlook application cannot work smoothly without the use of a PST file. In short, it is impossible to think Microsoft Outlook application without PST file. Some file size limits have been set for different versions of Microsoft Outlook. Up to that set size limit only, data can be accumulate in it. But at times, it too looses stored data due to reason like corruption. Corruption in PST file occurs due to various factors. Some of the factors include, fatal virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown, human errors, increased size of an Outlook PST file, etc. To face such kind of a situation when PST file gets corrupt or damaged is quite difficult. PST corruption brings all the data of an Outlook application in an inaccessible state. Data inaccessibility can be handled easily with the help of a backup. However, in absence of backup you are left with an option of a third-party Outlook PST Recovery software.

Let us discuss a practical scenario of data loss due to corruption of an Outlook PST file. Consider, you use only one e-mail client that is MS-Outlook to send/receive e-mail. A large number of e-mails have been received by you in it. Due to sending and receiving large number of e-mails in Outlook application, overall size of an Outlook PST file become increased. One day, you observe that your Outlook Inbox have stopped receiving e-mails in it. After knowing this fact, when you tried to delete e-mails in it. You remain successful. But after few days, you observed the same problem. This time, your Outlook PST file has been corrupt due to receiving large number of data in it. At that time, you found yourself into in a great problem. However, without losing hope you started doing search for a solution so that you can get over this problem easily.

When making search for a solution on Internet, you found that problem of PST corruption can easily be overcome through some inbuilt methods. There is an inbuilt Inbox repair tool introduced by Microsoft itself. It can be used to repair corrupt Outlook PST file. But, it is not sure that it will definitely repair PST file. This is because, it has some limitations. After knowing this fact, you get tensed. It is one of the problem which you have think it will work well for you.

However, an option of third party Outlook Recovery tool is still available. There are plenty of software available in the market that have been specially designed for performing PST Recovery. These tools can repair and recover all the PST file objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, tasks, calendar-entries, e-mail messages, etc. Outlook PST Repair Software is one of the comprehensive tool available in market now these days. The software not only recovers data if lost Outlook objects, but also repairs corrupt PST file irrespective of the reason of its corruption. It performs repair of corrupt Outlook PST file created in MS-Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010. No need to have a sound technical skills for operating this tool.


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