Conversion of Outlook OST to PST is an effective way to make OST data accessible

27 Jun

Files that are used in offline mode by Microsoft Outlook messaging application are termed as Offline Storage Files and they are saved with an extension of .ost. As soon as the connection with Exchange Server is made, all the data gets synchronized with it and delivered it on the Exchange Server. However, if connection with Exchange Server cannot be made due to any of the reasons, then all the data is stored locally in an OST file. Behind non-synchronization, various reasons are responsible. OST file corruption and Exchange Server are the primary reasons for it. Non-synchronization of OST file with Exchange Server results into inaccessibility of data. Problem of inaccessibility of data after OST corruption can be overcome by performing OST to PST conversion. This can be done with the help of commercial software.

OST files allow a user to access Outlook data in offline mode. It proves beneficial in situations where Internet connectivity is unreliable. But, along with merits, OST file has one major demerit also. Demerit is Outlook OST file becomes inaccessible after corruption. The file has been introduced in Outlook to fulfill the purpose of storing the Outlook data on the local hard drive for offline use. But, Outlook has set some size limitations on the OST file. OST file has a size limit of 2GB. As soon as, the data in OST file approaches or crosses the size limit, it leads to corruption of an OST file and results into grave problems like, OST data inaccessibility.

Different version of Microsoft Outlook has set different size limits for it. Once the size limit of OST file has been crossed, Outlook OST file becomes totally inaccessible. So, a need arise in order to diagnose this problem. The best option to diagnose the problem is to recover data from a corrupt OST file. For doing this, a help of an inbuilt tool Scanost.exe proves helpful. However, no successful results get found through the use of an inbuilt tool, and then bring any reliable third party OST to PST converter tool into existence.

Ample of software are present that are fully capable to perform OST PST conversion. Moreover, they are enough capable to perform recovery of corrupt OST file.


One Response to “Conversion of Outlook OST to PST is an effective way to make OST data accessible”

  1. Peter Kinderston June 27, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Thank you so much for this useful information. I have successfully convert my outlook 2007 .ost file into .pst file.

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